Opening Night for “Monologues on Main” Friday, September 18

Due to heavy rain expected to accompany Hurricane Sally into SC, Wild Hare Productions with Bess Park and Keith Jameson, is postponing opening night of “Monologues on Main Street” until Friday, Sept 18th. Same time, same place as before! On Friday you might want to bring an umbrella in case of drizzle, but the heavy rains expected Thursday, September 17 seem likely to occur. No worries! Everyone stay safe and dry and see you Friday night!!!

Call 864-337-4169 if you have any questions.

Thank you for understanding!!!

Monologues on Main: Stroll, Sip and Soak Up History

“Monologues on Main” is a new, immersive theatrical event. Spread along Main Street in Uptown Greenwood, actors and actresses portray authors, artists, and historical figures, delivering simultaneous, repeated 10-minute monologues. Audience members and patrons walk by, experiencing words assembled from quotes, speeches, writings, and stories of these persons from history. Each monologue is built on the idea of freedom – of thought, of ideas, of civil rights, of art, of expression, of humor, of exploration, and more. An original production created by Bess Park (Amelia Earhart) and Keith Jameson (Andy Warhol) in above photo.

Three performances:
September 18 – 19 (6:00 ticket/wine pick up : 6:30 – 7:30 Monologues delivered simultaneously)
September 20 (2:30 ticket/wine pick up): 3:00 – 4:00 Monologues delivered simultaneously)
Click title for more details and cast list.

Wednesday, May 13th First Curtains Up Coalition Performance on Wild Hare Facebook

 Coming up on Wednesday night, May 13th, at 8 pm on the Wild Hare Productions Facebook page the first Curtains up Coalition Wild Hare Productions performance will air! This short original play by Israel Allen is a wonderful inaugural event for a new online push for upstate theatres to connect and help each other fundraise and show our region that we are fighting to stay alive and well!