Shakespeare’s Fools Monologue Challenge! Submission Deadline May 20!!

New monologue challenge!!!

Here are your parameters!
You must include:
1. Doing something with thread or yarn or ribbon
2. 3 changes in levels (ie sitting to standing or jumping or falling or lying down or descending a staircase or climbing a tree:). Be creative!
3. Either putting on or taking off some article of clothing, outerwear, hats, or whatever you think is fun to explore. Hey!!! Make it family friendly!!!!!

Holler if you have questions.
The best and fastest way to connect with me is via text. 864-337-4169

Please share with everyone!!! Let’s have some more fun!!! No cost or fee, just please spread the word and direct folk to Wild Hare Facebook Page!!!

Remember costumes and make up are encouraged!!!